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May 25, 2020  

Episode 6: The Writer

What happens when the line between fantasy a reality blurs? In this episode EB shares what it is like to keep her real life and her persona separate.

May 18, 2020  

Episode 5: Personal Inquiry

In this episode Charlie grills E.B. about some of the most pressing questions concerning fans. Satisfy your curiosity on this week's Q&A version of the eXXXistential podcast.

May 10, 2020  

Episode 4: Whores and Housewives

Join EB and Charlie as they discuss the challenge of being everyone's favorite dirty little secret. 

May 4, 2020  

Episode 3: Mother’s Day Special

In this special episode EB and her intrepid producer Charlie manage to capture an interview with EB's son, Jake "from State Farm". Like most field recordings of wild creatures this one is a bit rough, but the crew still explore what life is like for the Sex Worker with kids. Is it glamorous? Scandalous? Boring as heck? Join EB for this third installment of Laid Bare.

April 26, 2020  

Episode 2: Porn, Pandemics, and Priests

In Episode 2 EB delves into the challenges of meeting all of her clients needs, even when it is the clients themselves or the medium of the interaction that are the challenge.

April 19, 2020  

Episode 1: The Transaction

In this episode EB discusses with her friend Charlie how money really affects her life as a sex worker. What does that mean for her? What does that mean for her clients? Find out if money really does change everything.

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